"May the God of Hope fill you with all Joy & Peace as you trust in Him so that you may overflow with
HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit" Romans 15:13

Monday, July 2, 2012

Zambia Here I Come!!!

It's finally here!  I am so excited to get on the plane tomorrow.  I have checked in online, printed my boarding passes, and the bags are packed.  I am allowed 3 bags at 51 pounds and well let's say I couldn't do it.....I have two bags at 50 pounds and one at 68 (at least they will let you pay an overage fee). 
I feel like Christmas has exploded in my bags and I can't wait to empty them out when I go visit three sweet girls and give gifts to the teachers I will be working with! 
I can't tell you how much fun it was to go and find some clothes, blankets, candy, jewlery, and even a baby doll for the girls.  It's a good thing I am leaving tomorrow because I don't know if I could quit adding things to give them as a gifts.  My last purchase was today and it is a Cabbage Patch for sweet Paulina.  As I was opening the box today I couldn't help but hope that Paulina feels the excitement that I remeber having when I was little and got a new baby doll.  I got each girl a heart necklace to remind them how God has brought our hearts forever together even though we are thousands of miles apart.      
Please pray for me while I am gone and listed below are some specific requests:
1.  Pray for safety while traveling and while in Zambia.
2.  Pray for health.  It is winter and very dry in Zambia while I will be there which tends to cause problems at times.
3.  Pray for the hearts of the teachers and kids that I will be working with that I will be able to display the love of Christ and exude the Hope and Joy that He has given me.
4.  Pray that God would enable me to be creative in planning lessons without materials to work with.  (I am most nervous about this part since I am used to having lots of resources and materials to use on a daily basis.)
5.  Pray that God would show me how to love His children through His eyes.
6.  Pray that I would sense God's movement and act on His nudging me.
7.  Pray for all of the Americans that are following God's hand in this trip and that not only will He use all of us in a special way, but that we won't come back the same.  That God will change us for the better.
8.   Pray against the attack of the enemy.  Satan wants nothing more than to stop the work of God.  I am so thankful that we have a God that can conquer anything that Satan puts up. 

I am so grateful that God has called me back to Zambia this summer and I am truly blessed by the support of all of my family and friends!  I love yall so much and I am so excited to get to share this adventure with you!

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  1. Praise God you are going back this year! :) thanks for sharing!!